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Our Practice Areas and Typical Clients

Our clients are mainly Italian companies and corporate groups engaged in the IT, insurance, pharmaceutical and construction industries, but also include high net worth individuals who require our assistance in inheritance and succession matters.

While we generally assist and support companies and organizations in legal matters before the Italian courts and in arbitration proceedings, in negotiating contracts, in mediation processes and in protecting their rights,
we are also attentive and empathetic when helping our clients to resolve delicate private matters.

We are clear and transparent in pinpointing and explaining possible solutions and our analysis and specification of costs and estimated expenses are straightforward and fair.
Our integrated and transparent approach has enabled our firm to grow and consolidate long-lasting and mutually satisfactory relationships with our clients,

also thanks to a team of skilled and dynamic lawyers and a network of reliable consultants and colleagues located in the main Italian jurisdictions, all of whom are driven by the same principles and values.

Corporate matters | Start up | Company Law

Studio Legale CM&Partners supports Companies as well as Small-Businnes owners in the development of their activities – from the inception to the definition of the contracts pertaining their activities. An all-round support that starts with the definition of the structure, to the perfecting steps of the agreements all the while knowing a team of Accountants and Tax Adviser is at the ready. A good contract allows the better regualtion of relations and avoids misunderstandings and, thus, legal disputes.

Digital Law | Privacy

Studio Legale CM&Partners supports its Clients in the readction of Internal Policies and Forms (preliminary valuations, authorizations, DPO appointment) to be GDPR compliant. A proper management of the data owned by the company and a transparent and thorough Privacy Policy secure the company from heavy sanctions and complaints.

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Insurance Law

Studio Legale CM&Partners has a solid and trusted experience in Insurance matters, namely in all the relevant areas such as insurance coverage and civil liability analysis, life insurance, mediations and negotiations, out of court transactions. This is the reason why Studio Legale CM&Partners can claim among its Clients prestigious Insurance Companies.

Succession Law

Studio Legale CM&Partners supports its Clients during the redaction and presentation of the succession claims; proceedings in front of Probate Court; succession pre-dispute and dispute and, in the case of companies, during the transition of the next generation.

Public Contracts Administrative Litigation

Many sectors of the economy fall under the activities ruled and subjected to Public Contracts. Studio Legale CM&Partners guarantees consultation and support within the relations with Authorities and Public Administration, such as during public tenders or negotiations (tenders and permits).

Digital Law and Intellectual Property

Studio Legale CM&Partners supports and assists its Clients in all the matters of Industrial Law, Intellectual Property, both in and out of court, and also in matters of trademark registration, (complete of anteriority researches and category adjustments), inventions and patents, design law, copyright and counterfeiting.

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Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution

Mediation, negotiation, arbitration: Studio Legale CM&Partners offers a complete support in all areas where the Alternative Dispute Resolution is in place, thanks to the specific experience of its Professionals in each phase of the alternative dispute resolution to a legal dispute.

Civil Litigation

Studio Legale CM&Partners is proud of its solid and in-depth knowledge of all the aspects pertaining Litigation. The experience of our Experts allows the better definition of a legal strategy to be adopted thanks to a thorough study of the Client’s needs.


  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Real Estate

Start up


  • Successions
  • Family law matters
  • Protection of individuals

Non-profit organizations

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